Welcome to Grav with Tikva theme!

About Tikva theme

Tikva was first developed as simple theme for WordPress, based on the Bootstrap 3 CSS Framework. There were not plenty of features, but enough to build a website with all necessary elements for my own needs. So I decided to publish the theme and it takes place in the WordPress Theme directory.

As I searched for a simple, maybe file-based CMS, after some tests my choice was Grav. The available themes are great, but I wanted to learn more about theme creating with Grav. Because of the great technologies like Twig Templating, Markdown, YAML, the developer CLI and so on it was a pleasure to create a theme. Again, it should fit my needs to build a simple website.

Tikva is based on Bootstrap 4 alpha and will be upgraded to the final version of Bootstrap as soon as possible.

You can customize Tikva by a few options, available in the admin interface. They are described on the next pages.


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